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Edward's Storage Systems provides turn key solutions for all your material handling needs. 


Our products include:

  • pallet rack

  • cantilever racking

  • rivet shelving

  • laminate/sheet storage systems

  • other material handling products 

Edward's Storage Systems is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and operates at a national and global scale, providing services and products across the United States, Canada, and beyond. We are able to meet both small-scale individual and large-scale, multinational corporation needs. Our clients include Formica, Richelieu Hardware, Metro Hardwoods, Royal Plywood, Wurth-Louis & Co., etc.

Edward's Products was started in 1963. In the early 1990’s Edwards Products developed a specialized system to store laminate sheet goods vertically and horizontally. Dennis Cook purchased a minority ownership in the company in 1986. One of the areas he was responsible for was the storage rack division. In March of 2004 Dennis purchased the rack division and the name was changed to Edward's Storage Systems.


Edward's Storage Systems has provided all of the warehouse racking and assisted in design & layout for five of the national distribution centers for the Formica Corporation. Our customer base ranges from major laminate distributors to kitchen remodelers. Our niche in the market is the system for storing laminate sheet goods. We do have all types of warehouse racking and cantilever racking.


Our focus is on customer service and customer satisfaction. Inquire about special shipping rates through multiple nationwide locations.

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